Weekly Writing Challenge: A letter to my killer

This week’s writing challenge is to combine a genre with a style at random. Here is my take on writing a letter in the mystery/crime genre.

Dear murderer,

I know you had a reason for doing what you did but I’m not amused. I saw you kill a man for a reason unknown to me, and because of that, I had to die. I should have just kept walking. You are obviously smarter than most TV criminals by knowing that I would not keep quiet no matter how much you scared me, or how much I begged you to spare my life. I talk almost constantly, and you knew that when you looked into my eyes for the first and last time. I appreciate that you shot me, killing me instantly, rather than making me suffer and bleed out over several lonely minutes. I also appreciate not being killed with hemorrhagic fever in a bio-terrorism attack, but I don’t think you’re bright enough to pull that one off.

I hope that you come forward and tell my family how much they mean to me and how much I love them and how much I’ll miss them, but I know you won’t. I want you to tell them that I want them to forgive you and that I want them to know that I’m okay and that they’ll be okay too, but I know you won’t do that either. You’re not the dumbest criminal ever but you’re not exactly overflowing with courage. I’m not worried about you; I know this was not your first time killing and it may not be your last. You dug yourself a pretty big hole, and self-preservation took over and you kept going until everyone was gone.  Good for you for persevering.

CSI is going to be here shortly and they will remove your DNA from under my fingernails and soon you will be caught because you stole a chocolate bar when you were 19 to prove you could do it. And that put you in the system. Next time wear a bio-hazard suit. Enjoy your last few hours of freedom because you’re going to get put away for a very long time. And a cutie like you won’t fare so well in prison.

Warm regards,

The Victim


Author: stuffytales

I'm a Mum of two fabulous boys and an undetermined number of very mischievous stuffed animals.

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