Zero to Hero: What’s on my mind?

I’ll be honest, I started blogging with the intention of sharing my infinite wisdom, advice, and experience with the world. For a month, I wrote everyday about what I wanted to blog about – parenting, volunteering, work, housework, whatever. At the end of the month, I joined WordPress with the intention of now sharing what I’d been writing about – it was time to publish! Then I read what I had written and it was boring, uninteresting, lame, flat – whatever sad adjective you can come up with. So I went to the Daily Post for inspiration and started writing differently.

This blog is about this photo. I was filling up with gas on a cold morning, completely disinterested in all that was going on around me and wishing I was anyplace else. Then I looked down and found joy looking up at me.


Zero to Hero Day Three



Author: stuffytales

I'm a Mum of two fabulous boys and an undetermined number of very mischievous stuffed animals.

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