Canada Day

ImageOn July 1st, 1867, Canada became a nation. All school children in Canada learn about Confederation and everyone knows that Sir John A. MacDonald was our first Prime Minister. But it wasn’t until I read about Confederation again as an adult that I really appreciated the sacrifice that these men and their families made during the years before that great day in 1867.

Although the culture was different then, time went by at the same rate. We get impatient today if we have to wait until tomorrow for a contract to be signed. We whine when iTunes takes longer than five seconds to load and we can’t wait in line at the grocery store without playing on our phones.

The process of confederation took years (years!). For years these men met in small and large groups. For years they debated, criticized and pushed each other. For years they tried to do what many thought impossible – to get French and English Canada to come together. Many disagreed with them even trying. But they persevered.

 I think of their families, waiting at home for weeks, only to have their husband and father come home exhausted and miserable from another failed attempt. I can only respect and admire the women that stayed home while their husbands were gone, dealing with criticism of their friends and neighbours that disagreed with their husband’s politics.

To dream of something so much bigger than yourself and to make that dream a reality with incredible hard work and cooperation (sometimes with your enemies!), is what created our country. Today, and everyday, we get to be proud Canadians.


Author: stuffytales

I'm a Mum of two fabulous boys and an undetermined number of very mischievous stuffed animals.

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