Zero to Hero: Blogging Event

Manic Mondays Blogging Event

It was all planned out. The day before, I went to Toys R’Us and bought Play-Doh, enough so no one had to share. We had rolling pins, cookie cutters, and the hair salon was clean and ready for its Play-Doh customers. The table had a plastic tablecloth, left over from last month’s birthday party. I could hear the boys yelling at each other about who got to be Anakin while they fought with light sabers made out of Nerf swords.

“You got to be Anakin last time!”

“You always get to be Anakin!”

“You think you’re better cause you’re older but you’re NOT!”

“I hate you!”

“Boys,” I called from the kitchen. “Time for Play-Doh!”

“Slam!” The door closed with one child still inside the bedroom. Storming footsteps ensued.

With a too-happy tone in my voice, I invited them to sit down and play. I could be a good Mum, I could just sit and let them play without intervention and let them take out their frustrations with art. As the dough went all over the floor, and their hair, and the chairs, I had to breathe deeply and try to just keep quiet. It felt as if bugs were crawling up the back of my shirt. I looked away, trying desperately to calm down before freaking out.

“Mum, are you all right?” my oldest asked.

“Um, yeah, I’m fine. Thanks sweetie.”

“He handed me a Play-Doh cookie. This will make you feel better.”

And it did. But then I had to clean up. Thoroughly. They invented TV precisely for these moments.

This is my 50th blog post!! Hooray for Zero to Hero!

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Zero to Hero: Something Different

The Best of (or me trying something different):


      1. The best cooking advice I have heard is to use frozen water bottles to quickly chill homemade stock. It came from Alton Brown on Good Eats (one of the greatest shows of all time).
      2. The best personal advice I’ve read on the internet I found on Pinterest: “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”
      3. The best person in my life is three people, and I get to see them every day.
      4. The best bible story is the story of Ruth.
      5. The best TV show is The Goldbergs because it’s hilarious and it reminds me of all the fun I had with my brother in the 80s.
      6. The best way to spend time is walking hand-in-hand with the person you love.
      7. The best way to eat pizza is with your hands. No forks allowed!
      8. The best way to eat a hot dog is with mustard AND KETCHUP.
      9. The best Olympic sport is swimming.
      10. The best non-Olympic sport is America’s Cup sailing.

In response to one of this week’s Zero to Hero challenges.

Please add your own ‘Best of’ to the list!

Ballet Writing

My son and I went to the see the Royal Winnipeg Ballet‘s Romeo and Juliet this afternoon and it was spectacular. Before the ballet began, I wondered how the dancers would be able to tell the story without words. While watching the dancers, I wondered how I could possibly describe their movements in words. I realized that we can spend far less time talking but more time communicating.

Writing is the opposite of ballet – writers use letters, words, and sentences while ballet dancers use none of those things. But the two arts are far more similar than they are different. Writers are storytellers, as are dancers. We just speak a different language. While dancers communicate through movement along with facial expressions, music, costumes and set design, writers use words to take readers into another place.

Watching an art far different from my own made me appreciate all of the creative arts more and I wish everyone could have been there.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Window


This is my view I have while lying down on a workout bench at our local gym. When I took this photo three weeks ago, we had just finished almost two weeks of dreary, cloudy, wet weather. The beautiful blue sky was striking on that morning, yet the snow reminded me that it was still cold outside.

In response to this week’s photo challenge.

Zero to Hero: New blogs to like

I’m a day late on this challenge and I could pretend that I was busy but instead I was watching TV. While watching Hawaii Five-O today (recorded last night) I heard an amazing quote: “Hate corrodes the contained it is carried in”. It is paraphrased from Alka Goyal, “hate corrodes the vessel that carries it.” Either way, it is a good reminder that hate destroys the person doing the hating, not the one who is hated.

To meet yesterday’s challenge today, I typed random things into the ‘search’ box today on my Reader page and found some new blogs that I enjoyed reading:

The Super Hero Principle on How Do You Define an Enigma

Step Up to the Pants on WOD OFF (having worked retail, I found this one amusing)

The Matrix Review on That One Reviewer (gotta love a new review of an old movie)

Relationships with Writers on The Happy Holly Project (a must read!)

Cookbook Review: Essential Pepin on Bloomfield Road (one of my favourite cookbooks)

I am looking forward to finding blogs that others found in completing this challenge!



Zero to Hero: Get Social

Today’s challenge is to get social and read something new. I searched under the zerotohero tag and was delighted to find a few blogs that I have never come across before and may never have come across, were it not for this challenge.

1. The Snail has Landed – a beautiful blog along the same lines as this one, but with an awesome dog on the front page.

2. The Playground - a wonderfully humourous view of today’s challenge.

3. Aspernauts and other musings – a post on waiting that hit home for me.

4. Chris Musgrave, Writer in Training – what happens when you try to eat dinner together.

5. Yoda Archives – my favourite of my new finds, perhaps because I have a 13″ Yoda on my shelf and several Lego versions. Rule, he does.

I’m just really excited to be at the 1,337 mark which I had never heard of before yesterday.

Zero to Hero: What’s on my mind?

I’ll be honest, I started blogging with the intention of sharing my infinite wisdom, advice, and experience with the world. For a month, I wrote everyday about what I wanted to blog about – parenting, volunteering, work, housework, whatever. At the end of the month, I joined WordPress with the intention of now sharing what I’d been writing about – it was time to publish! Then I read what I had written and it was boring, uninteresting, lame, flat – whatever sad adjective you can come up with. So I went to the Daily Post for inspiration and started writing differently.

This blog is about this photo. I was filling up with gas on a cold morning, completely disinterested in all that was going on around me and wishing I was anyplace else. Then I looked down and found joy looking up at me.


Zero to Hero Day Three



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